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Where to follow me and read my Blog

My blog is that is my all time blog that I use. I have tried to do WordPress but I am unable to figure it out so I use blogger. I am only using WordPress to comment on other WordPress blogs. If you would like to read my blog please press the link in the first sentence. Please make sure to follow me and comment so I can follow back and read your blog. Thanks.

Published by dglittergirl

I am a 15 year old girl who loves to read. I also enjoy writing so I will be sharing here on my blog, my opinion about some of the books I have read I am glitter girl because I like all things girly and we all know glitter is awesome! :) My blog is called Butterfly Whispers because, just as a BUTTERFLY transforms into a beautiful creature, God is continually changing me to be more and more beautiful on the inside. Occasionally, on my blog I will WHISPER (because I don't usually like to share) about my past and how God is working in my life. To learn more about me, lend me your ear and listen as I whisper a bit about how I came to my adoptive family in my very first post. You can find it by searching "A bit about me"

12 thoughts on “Where to follow me and read my Blog

  1. Hey! Moving to WordPress can be a bit complicated in the beggining, but I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it. I feel like using wordpress is much more convenient than blogger, because you get notifications for every comment,follow or like but in blogger, you don’t get any of these 😞

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    1. Yeah I do get notifications though just not as fast as wordpress. I have thought about doing my blog on WordPress but I don’t know how to transfer all my post on here. Also everytime I get on it says you have waiting payment and I thought it was free.

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